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What does internal comms want for Christmas?

Mike Heyes • 11th December

The soothsayers are out in force, so what are the predictions for content marketing as we merrily segway into 2016? And how might this affect the new business landscape?

The ‘digital workplace’ theme continues to develop apace, with new ways to communicate with colleagues.  ‘Mobile First’ strategies are becoming increasingly important as organisations examine the new Christmas toys now on offer for sharing content across the business. 

Harnessing employee power as content creators is becoming popular as colleague ‘ambassadors’ start to act as powerful influencers on social media. Employees (‘like me’) are, of course, perceived as among the most trusted sources of information – both by fellow employees and customers alike. As a result, blue chip companies have started to run internal communications campaigns to build trust and ‘content security conscious’ cultures. 

‘Visual storytelling’ continues to grow as corporate internet speeds increase, and our capacity to access images makes such ‘snackable content’ easy to consume. 

Brands, meanwhile, are investing more in infographics and videos that are – or are now expected to be – both entertaining and informative. 

An emerging trend is interactive content, as experiential marketing offers memorable experiences for customers and employees alike. Live experiences are shared on social media and build strong brand advocates.

Virtual reality headsets are also emerging onto the IC scene, used by businesses to deliver unique brand experiences – both internally and externally. Managers expect these headsets to play a role in satisfying the increasing demand for tailored content. 

New technology in the form of ‘wearables’ is also finding its way into the workplace to support employee well-being and training. Fitbits, for example, can monitor and encourage more walking (reducing healthcare premiums), while smart glasses help interactive ‘learning’ that allows managers to assess and measure employee progress. Smart watch apps, meanwhile, track departmental progress, goals and objectives. 

If this all sounds a bit Big Brother, it’s worth noting the increased usage of gamification in the workplace. This is geared to satisfying the Xbox Generation as companies employ game-like activities to improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction levels. 

So, can your internal communications department get off to a flying start in 2016? Here’s a Christmas list for Santa (aka the finance director). You’d be looking for funding for:

  • A project to identify colleagues who are most adept on social media to become brand ambassadors
  • Creating a content calendar, using tools which allow employees to access information how and when they want to
  • Incorporating ‘snackable content’ and ‘interactive experiences’ into the internal comms mix

If you’ve been really good then Santa might include the latest ‘wearable’ technology for employees. After all, it’s all in a good cause – to boost employee engagement wherever possible!

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