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The power of positivity

Clare Addy • 13th July

Many of us are blessed with many platforms through which to communicate and at W&P we use these to inspire positive change and highlight important issues among our target audiences. The key to creating this impact? Keeping comms positive, personal and on point.

Here, Clare Addy, our Head of Digital and Engagement, talks about the importance of making communication count and how positive storytelling can be a hugely engaging and even life-changing experience. 

I’m a big believer in the power of communication and positivity. The two, when combined, can be extremely powerful in many ways. So, it was a real privilege to be invited to present on this very subject at the recent ‘A Positive Journey’ (APJ) Conference.

The APJ project is led by MIND and Volunteer Cornwall in partnership with the EU Lifelong Learning Programme. The venture encourages people to share their experiences of overcoming challenges so that they can lead a positive life. In this way, they also inspire and enable others to do the same. 

Wanting to focus on practical, relatable positivity, I began by subverting the ideal of perfection somewhat. More specifically, how perfection is sometimes portrayed as a route to positivity. None of us can really lay claim to leading a perfect existence, but almost all of us can try and find something positive in who we are and what we’re capable of.

We then moved onto acknowledging how sometimes it can be hard to focus on the good, leading many to descend into apathy or negativity, especially when considering all of life’s obstacles at once. However, listening to and learning from others’ experiences of overcoming difficulties – be they personal, professional, mental, physical or emotional – can be one of the tools that help us navigate through darker times and arrive at a brighter future. This enables us to pursue our own positive journey.

Another subject addressed – one underpinning this entire project – was the importance of communication. One of the reasons I love working in comms and identify so strongly with this project is that we all have the power to disseminate inspirational messages and share achievements that hearten others – whether on behalf of our organisation, clients or ourselves. Your strengths and achievements are worthy of mention.

From the feedback given the speech achieved what it set out to, provoking positive thought and reflection on the power of positivity going hand in hand with the essential nature of communication in everything we do and strive to achieve.

Thanks to the conference, I was also fortunate enough to meet some extremely inspirational individuals – people who have been strong enough to overcome life’s challenges, going on to progress and achieve. Moreover, they’ve been brave enough to share their experiences as part of this project, encouraging others to do the same and pursue their own positive pathways.

I genuinely hope that, as the project’s coordinator comments, the most recent conference was “not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning” for A Positive Journey. This initiative has the potential to motivate the masses to find their own brightness.

Why not think about how you could tell your positive story? You never know who might benefit from hearing it!

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