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How well do you know your audience?

Clare Morgan • 3rd March

Are your colleagues corporate types, creative types, fun-loving, serious?

Do you make assumptions about the personality type of accountants and estate agents?  What about telesales people or factory workers?

The truth is, we create stereotypes across all fields of work, even if we don’t mean to. They’re the stories we make up about people before we get to know them.

So who are your colleagues and how well do you know them?

Can you create a pen portrait or profile that illustrates not only the basic demographic of your teams, but their personality type too?

To start with…how would they describe themselves?  What type of media do they consume? What do they read, watch on TV, what’s the most popular movie in the office? What social media/internet sites interest them?  What about their different lifestyles, hobbies and interests? Where do they shop and what brands do they buy?

Remember, colleagues are just like you, consuming vast amounts of content every day so it’s important to get back to basics and think about what engages you. What catches your eye and what content do you consume?

Think about how you communicate with your friends and family.

Do you have content rituals – every day vs. every week/month/once in a while content consumption? What do you share/pass on? 

Do you have an ‘in-built’ time limit on how much you will read/scan/watch?

Apparently, our attention span has reduced from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds – less than a goldfish at 9 seconds!

We know content requirements are changing as media converges. In order to appeal to different audience types, content is supplied across many different channels:

  • Mobile content – content accessed via mobile devices such as tablets and phones
  •  Agile content – social content found on platforms such as twitter and Facebook
  • Visual content – videos, images and gifs, hosted on sites such as YouTube, vine and pinterest
  • Hyper personalisation – brands personalising content to tempt the reader
  • Advocacy – reviews and feedback from other customers, employee advocacy falls under this

 So, understanding your audience – what makes them tick and what floats their boat – gives you the best opportunity to make your comms count.

Uncovering the content champions within the business is crucial to build collective engagement. Without them, there’s a danger of falling into the trap of using generic ‘corporate management speak’ that’s ‘on brand’ as a catch all for our workmates, which makes communication at best forgettable or even worse, ignored.

Scratch below the surface, and you’ll find Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram addicts that will uncover personalities, hobbies and interests that will not only engage the collective workforce, it will create content champions to help curate and support your content strategy.

 According to the latest Melcrum report collective engagement requires: 

a. That employees engage publicly, in front of their peers, not just privately.

b. That employees (and not the organisation) act as the primary agents of 
engagement for other employees.

 It states that for employees to engage one another, internal comms must:

a) provide a platform for employees to express the nature of their 
    commitment to each other and to customers’ best interests 

b) act behind the scenes to shape, curate and amplify 
employee voices

c) foster employees’ ability to develop an open learning culture and build 
    their storytelling skills

Encouraging colleagues to find their voice and express their personalities will help to produce content with depth and added value – make it shareable, adaptable for amplification across all platforms, using all tools available to allow your audience to access it how they want.

What are you waiting for?  Go and find your company’s Zoella and Stampy!

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