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Do your comms measure up?

Fiona Broomfield • 10th September

Are you sometimes stuck for where to start when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your internal communications? You’re not alone, but here’s a good place to begin…

Measuring the effectiveness and impact of internal communications should be central to any comms strategy.

It helps companies to demonstrate and quantify the value of effective internal communications. It also enables you to assess what’s working and what isn’t, so you can review, dump, develop, and make your comms more effective and engaging.

Measurement is also crucial to securing and justifying your budget.

Communications professionals know this, yet what to measure and how to quantify it can appear ambiguous. Then, at other times, it’s about knowing where to start.


Work out your baseline

Develop a strategy with clear KPIs that align internal communication to your business goals and values. That way you can measure what you do in ways that matter to the wider company.

Then, get a baseline from which you can compare against in the future. Measure all channels, so that your baseline gives you an overall view, as well as indicators of existing knowledge, behaviour, attitudes, how difficult or easy it is to find and understand the channels, the information available and how engaging each is. This will help you to understand and identify other factors influencing colleague attitudes and behaviour.


Get smarter  

We’re operating in a multi channel environment, so use this to your advantage and gather every bit of data you can. Plan it well as part of your strategy so that you don’t switch colleagues off with survey fatigue. Instead – mix up your measurement methods.

And, if you’re clever you can engage as well as measure. Use on and offline surveys, focus groups, pulse checks, interviews, audience groups and get face time with your audiences.

Invite advance contributions, questions, suggestions, comments and feedback – through all channels and campaigns – to get a good picture of impact and also boost audience attachment and involvement.

We all like to be listened to, after all, and no one likes a one-way conversation. So, request creative input, surprise and engage people with how you do that. Invite questions, conduct text polls and create ‘must see’ content that adds value and gets people talking and involved.


Don’t stop

Once your baseline is established, measure again and compare the results. It’s a good idea to make this part of your strategy so that you measure before and after specific and regular communications and campaigns. You can also adopt additional measures such as delivery, timing, cut-through and channel effectiveness.


What to look for

When you compare and contrast your baseline you should be looking for changes in:

  • audience perception and behaviour
  • attitudes
  • customer experience


  • the types of messages received, understood and remembered
  • impact on your business goals
  • number of colleagues signing up for/to specific initiatives
  • contributions
  • conversations.

 This will give you a measure of the effectiveness, impact and value of your communications. You can then use this evidence to tailor your comms, campaigns and channels to help you meet your internal communications strategy KPIs.


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