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Words&Pictures helps overcome communications challenges to build trust and engagement in the workplaces of UK and global clients.


Welcome to Wilkos

Wilkinson has been trading for more than 80 years. The retailer is at the heart of the communities where it operates. A family business, today Wilkos has more than 330 stores. More than four million customers visit every week.

Transforming trust

Wilkinson hired Words&Pictures to help develop a new online and print publication to focus on engaging their people. The joint team has worked hard to transform the magazine from its previous role as a “corporate mouthpiece”.

Relevant read

Working closely together, Wilkinson and Words&Pictures recently launched the popular multi-channel magazine In the Know. It’s still developing but team members say they already admire the publication’s accessibility and relevance.

01943 854 800

Words&Pictures (Commercial) Ltd
The Editorial Design Centre
Wharfebank House
Ilkley Road
LS21 3JP