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"The format of the workshop is excellent. I like the simulated specs idea because rather than just talking to the staff, the workshop is interactive, meaning that they’re experiencing what people may be going through. The carers are better informed." Pilot Ambassador


The Thomas Pocklington Trust, a charity who provide housing and support for people with sight loss, needed a solution to help raise awareness of eye health in care homes, specifically when targeting busy care home staff. After developing a series of literature and reports on the key messages surrounding this issue, the Trust decided they needed a different, measurable approach. The main aim of this was to ensure that care home staff understood explicitly the benefits of helping the people within their care access eye health professionals.

With a significant amount of experience working within the eye health sector, the Thomas Pocklington Trust approached Words&Pictures to develop a pilot programme which would engage care home staff in the most impactful and memorable way. Following the recruitment of a professional steering group, and conducting research within local care homes, it was decided that a short, ambassador-led workshop would be the best way to engage with this busy, time-poor audience. The workshops were developed to provide staff with a clear insight into some of the daily challenges elderly people were faced with, when suffering with the most common sight loss conditions. Activities included the use of simulated spectacles to conduct simple, everyday tasks, which proved to be an extremely powerful tool. The final workshops were piloted across 6 care homes throughout the UK.

Feedback from the pilot was overwhelmingly positive. From the pre- and post-intervention feedback, results showed that the overall awareness of sight loss conditions was far higher following the workshop:

100% agreed that the workshop made them see things differently

97% agreed that the workshop was fun and engaging

100% agreed the workshop was valuable

100% agreed they would share their learning with elderly residents’ families

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