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I thought it was a brilliant concept and a good way to promote our safety message as well as sustainable energy.
Education Programme Ambassador, Northern Gas Networks

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) faced a challenge. How could it educate students about gas safety while making it relevant to the school curriculum?

We co-developed 2021 in your hands, an eight-year education programme which teaches students not only about safety but also sustainability, enabling us to map the programme to the National Curriculum, generating interest amongst schools.

To help us deliver a learning experience that would engage Year 7 pupils, we engaged our Trust in Youth panel, which saw students from local schools visit our offices for a day-long workshop. With their help we developed a fun, fast-paced and interactive workshop, which provides a blended learning experience within three zones, catering for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles.

Students measure their carbon footprint and find out what more they could do to shrink it, whilst the Community Zone quiz tests their knowledge of sustainable living. The World Zone uses card games to help students learn about gas and renewable energy sources as well as the risks of carbon monoxide (CO) in the home.

Students are then shown a short animation, which reinforces sustainability messages while explaining the dangers of CO and how to stay safe around roadworks.

After co-developing the workshop materials, Words&Pictures contacted schools within key target areas for NGN, identified through Ofgem- collated data on CO hotspots, recycling rates and fuel poverty, to arrange the workshops.

To support in the delivery of the programme, Words&Pictures held training sessions for NGN engineers to work as programme Ambassadors alongside teachers and Words&Pictures’ facilitators. During the four-week pilot in 2013, nine workshops were delivered, engaging 210 students across five schools and colleges across the pilot region.

To find out what students got out of the learning experience, Words&Pictures conducted questionnaires before and after the workshops. The feedback was so positive that NGN is now rolling out the workshop across the region. To help in engaging with schools, Words&Pictures has produced a promotional film highlighting the pilot’s success to send to schools, key stakeholders and their regulatory body – Ofgem. Words&Pictures has also supported by delivering the workshops on NGN’s behalf.

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