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Words&Pictures helps overcome communications challenges to build trust and engagement in the workplaces of UK and global clients.

The challenge

easyJet has only been around since 1995, yet in that time it has grown to be the UK’s biggest airline in terms of passenger numbers. During such a period of growth, easyJet has had to change how it operates in the marketplace. How? By keeping the start-up principles that define its culture, but also by introducing more rigorous strategic ideas to fit its new position in the market.

The approach

When the easyJet team came to us, we took the chance to look again at the way they talk about their strategy internally, to tighten up some of the strategic tools they were using, and to come up with new ideas. Because easyJet has such a diverse audience – from pilots to admin staff – we took a multimedia approach to engagement from the beginning. Together, we reimagined their strategy and looked again at how it is presented visually. We began the process by producing a scene-setting booklet that gave managers an overview of easyJet’s strategy and values. The booklet was handed out at conference, and then used to cascade the information throughout the rest of the business. We then supported the booklet with an innovative multimedia campaign that included a game app, a physical board game, posters and animations. easyJet has been very impressed by the impact of this range
of activity.


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