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Words&Pictures are enthusiastic, creative and tenacious and quickly developed a sound understanding of our needs. Head of Marketing and Communications, College of Optometrists

Careers in Optics Working Group were seeking to promote eye health and raise awareness of careers in optics. High-impact intervention was required to increase the quality and number of students applying to study these courses at university. The Group decided to create a campaign to raise the aspirations of students post-16. 

A link between optical illusions and 3D movies proved the ideal springboard for the campaign. Words&Pictures created a 3D film as the climax of an interactive science- and careers-based workshop. The workshops were overseen by optical professionals, who worked with W&P staff to ensure that students got the most out of their workshop. The resulting events were piloted across the UK in areas where optical recruitment was challenging.

Pre- and post-intervention feedback showed that of the 300 students and staff involved in the pilot:

100% ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that the workshop was ‘fun’ and ‘engaging’

77% said they were more aware of the importance of eye health

55% ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that they would recommend Optometry and Optics as a good career choice

100% were able to recall, 7 weeks after the event, which organisations their optical professionals were from

100% of staff said the workshop successfully raised the profile of Science and Optometry/Optics

97% said they would like to participate in more events like the workshop

Words&Pictures has since trained over 100 optical ambassadors – and the multi-award-winning campaign has been rolled out across the UK. The campaign continues to generate high profile press coverage including the TES.


01943 854 800

Words&Pictures (Commercial) Ltd
The Editorial Design Centre
Wharfebank House
Ilkley Road
LS21 3JP