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Nip to Boots

Bastion of the high street, Boots seems to have been around longer than shops themselves. Now with more than 250 stores and 70,000 people across the UK and Ireland, ‘I’ll just nip to Boots’ is a phrase likely to continue to pass down through the generations.

Be brave

Boots’ internal magazine was in need of a revamp, or more appropriately, a makeover. The new magazine needed to be fresh and vibrant with broad appeal across the company’s different business areas and achieve a fine balance between corporate messaging, accessibility and engagement. It also had to be brave enough to address challenges and issues head on.

Pulse of the organisation

The new print-only solution – a magazine called Pulse – was well received throughout the business. The readership has grown and Pulse has become a key engagement tool. One reader summed up the general feeling: “Reading Pulse inspires me to do a great job. It helps me to really understand what the business is about – helping our customers and our people to feel good, and makes me proud to work for Boots.”

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Words&Pictures (Commercial) Ltd
The Editorial Design Centre
Wharfebank House
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